Events and Conference Services



Over the last seven years, we have hosted and managed over 3 dozen conferences ranging from Mass Casualty Response to Maritime Security to Risk and Crisis Communications. Not only did we manage the logistics and promotions, we also produced the content, procured the experts and designed the exercises and trainings that took place at these programs. If it has to do with homeland security or emergency management, we can help you. We understand the issues and challenges. we have the database, know the market, have the relationships with the key players and thought leaders and we know who the service and solutions providers are. Whether it is a new launch or just enhancing an existing program, let us know how we can help.


What we can do for you:ExhibitHall

  • Create concept and launch
  • Research and development of content
  • Design and coordinate exercises and demonstrations
  • Competitive event analysis
  • Participants surveys and assessment
  • Venue and hotel procurement and negotiations
  • Website and collateral development
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Revenue generation through registration, sponsorship and exhibition