MLElogo04-10-2017 - Neak Media LLC of Riverside, CT has announced that it has been contracted for the fourth consecutive year to manage, promote and produce the 29th Annual Marine Law Enforcement Conference (MLE Conference) taking place on Sept. 20-22, 2017 in Tacoma, WA.  

The 29th Annual Marine Law Enforcement Conference is attended by all local and state marine law enforcement agencies in the State of WA.  It will provide officers from these agencies on-water search/rescue and boat operations training.  In addition, the Program will provide them with classroom style workshops that addresses critical topics valuable to their day to day operations.

Neak Media LLC’s role in the program are the following:MLE BOAT

  • Manage and produce the web presence, marketing and promotion of the program
  • Manage the registration and finance for attendees and exhibitors
  • Advise, coordinate and procure trainers and presenters
  • Manage all logistics including meeting rooms, exhibit hall and hotel room blocks

In addition to driving the operations of the program, the partnership between WA State Parks & Recreation Commission and Neak Media LLC will create the co-location of the MLE Conference with the 5th Annual Maritime Security West 2017 Program.  It will also open the door for out of state marine law enforcement agencies to join the training program, bringing great outside perspectives and experiences.

This co-location will bring together all stakeholders in the maritime security community including Ports, Coast Guard, DHS, FBI, RCMP and other critical agencies to network, learn and collaborate across many disciplines of maritime security and law enforcement.  

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About Neak Media LLC.

Neak Media LLC is an information providing firm based in Riverside CT.  Neak Media LLC’s mission is to educate and inform the homeland security community through its presence on the web at and and through its’ conferences and training programs.  

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