My Two Cents: It’s time to adapt and change the way we sell homeland security equipment and technology to the state and local

Sareth Neak | Homeland Security Outlook | December 12, 2016

Since 9/11, state and local government agencies acquired billions of dollar of cameras, boats, radars, software, sonars, gates, you name it. Mainly paid for by DHS grants.

Since 2010, we have seen those grants reduced drastically. The State Homeland Security Program grant went from $842 million in 2010 to only $402 million today.  The Urban Area Security Initiative grant was at $862 million with 60 cities funded in 2010 to only $580 million with 29 cities funded today. The Port Security Grant Program is also down by 75% from $388 million in 2010 to only $100 million for this year. Those three grants together were a total of $2.1 billion in 2010 and today we are at $1.1 billion. That is a decrease of 50%.

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